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Again, "Thank You" to our customers for taking the time to send a review or comment to us.  We don't like to leave anyone dissatisfied and any comments that you share can only help us in the future.

"This company resurfaced our pool deck. They also painted and etched it. The pool deck was painted by another contractor, just 1 month prior, and was peeling and cracking....Rodd Balcanoff, from The Resurfacing Company, came out and gave me an estimate of what it would cost to completely strip, repaint, and seal the concrete....Rodd was very good at explaining things to us, and pointed out that his extensive knowledge in concrete, had what it took to get the job done CORRECTLY..... We agreed to the job....It took 2-3 days to complete the job....The concrete was painted and etched beautifully!.....Although the cost was a little higher than other contractors, after the 1st contractor disaster with this pool deck, we realized YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!....I only wish we had come to the Resurfacing Company first! He is definitely worth it!" Mr. & Mrs. J. Archer, Orange Park, March 2013

"They finished concrete left bare after removal of carpet in home. Overall, excellent! Rodd arrived when he said he would. He spent the first day cleaning and preparing the concrete. The second day, he masked the walls, cabinets, floors, and entryways to prevent damage to existing surfaces. He also built up thresholds so the resurfaced floor would be level with existing floors. The third day was devoted to putting down the new concrete over the old surface. This was a shorter day than usual because the concrete had to set. Day four began with a complete check for any issues with the new surface. Then the color was applied. This was a multi-pass process that resulted in a very nice layered look. Day five saw the application of the epoxy clear coat. We had been warned that the fumes would be a little strong. That was an understatement. The epoxy fumes were among the nastiest, vilest, most obnoxious smells I have ever encountered, and I have worked in a hospital lab! The smell even permeated my backpack and breathing machine that was sitting in the kitchen. The day was made worse by torrential rains that prevented us staying outside. In the end, we packed up and spent the night with relatives. As I said, we had been warned. I don't know what day six involved because things were wrapped up by the time we got back. However, the smell was again bearable, so he must have spent the morning of day six airing things out. The end result is amazing. The floor is shiny with an almost 3-D look because of the multiple layers of colour applied. Rodd had initially said it would take 8-10 days, but the job started on Tuesday afternoon and finished up Sunday morning two days shorter than his estimate. He paid enormous attention to detail.   I heartily recommend The Resurfacing Company. I know who will be doing our pool deck when the time comes."--- J. Kirby July 2013

"Rodd, The floor looks good so far. The humidity is rising and the old unfinished floor is showing signs of slight sweating but not where you have ground or applied the finish." Dan, Fanatics, June 2013

"Great job guys. Love the tile pattern on our pool. So happy we went with The Resurfacing Company for our project." 2013

Rodd, Thanks for completing the job as contracted and ahead of schedule. I wish all subs were as dependable as you. Jan 2013

How nice it was to pick up the phone after 10+ years and Rodd remembered our job like he just completed it yesterday. Rodd and his crew did the resurfacing on our pool deck originally and was here to handle a re-seal and repairs 10+ years afterwards. Great work. 2012

Rodd and his crew installed a french drain system from our back yard up through our front yard and out to the street. We kick ourselves for not calling Rodd sooner. We had dealt with soggy ground and a leaning fence for years, but now we stay dry after every soaking rainstorm. Thanks Rodd. 2011

"One phone call is all it took for Rodd to calm our fears and let us know that our floors weren't ruined. We went with another contractor originally, but he was no where to be found when we had problems. Rodd listened to our concerns, met with us and came thru for us like no one else had. Be weary of other flooring contractors that promise the moon, say it can be completed in a matter of days and don't offer a warranty. Rodd explained that acid staining the floors is a process that will fail in the end if not done properly. We should've asked more questions and not signed with the lowest bidder. We wish we had Rodd and his crew do our floors to begin with, but we've learned our lesson and recommend Rodd and The Resurfacing Company any chance we get." 2011

"He and his wife, Lori, are hard working, honest and just very sweet and nice to deal with. He will give you the best price he can and he guarantees his work. If you are serious about having the work done please give him a call.---Mr. & Mrs. Singletary, 2010"

"Rodd is a man of his word; dependable, trustworthy and a pleasure to deal with. There are few contractors that are as conscientious as he is of a jobsite. His crew kept the site clean and picked up their work areas every day upon completion. Our job was completed as promised and we couldn't be happier." 

"Repaired cracks on pool decking, pressure washed, painted. I probably should have done what I originally wanted to do. Instead, I opted for painting it. Worker suggested putting lines all over to help conceal future cracks that could appear in time. BUT I am not pleased with it's total appearance. Further this process put concrete powder in the pool from the flying dust which unbalanced the pools chemicals. The sealer used also made the deck very slippery and dangerous when wet. . ---- April 2012 

Our reply to this customer's review:

We were never notified of any problems concerning the deck or the pool. The customer said that she was very satisfied when she met with our owner at the time the final payment was made. We put our customer satisfaction as a top priority and wish that we had been called, emailed or notified in any manner. The scoreline pattern was suggested as a preventative measure and the customer agreed with the look prior to signing the contract. Nothing was said during the process of the job about not liking the scorelines or about dust in the pool and nothing has been said in the 2 1/2 months since. Had we been notified we would've done everything possible to meet the customer's expectations and leave our customer 100% satisfied.

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