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Decorative acrylic concrete was formulated to be applied to either old or new concrete.

No matter what condition your existing concrete is in, we can help by addressing any issues, resurfacing it and creating a beautiful surface.

Many more photos are found on our Completed Projects pages. 

Below: We installed a beautiful broomed finish on all of the walkways at a local Pilot Travel Center.

Above: We resurfaced this pool deck and patio and brought it from the 1960's to current. 

Above: We resurfaced this patio over bare concrete, adding a simulated brick border. hope to see you again! bit

(Above) A scoreline stone effect was added to this driveway to help conceal existing cracks and help deter future cracking

(Above) A custom, textured tile accent was applied on this residential driveway

(Above) Mayport Naval Base is home to this beautiful textured patio and screened porch


Maintenance: The acrylic finish provides a low-maintenance surface that can be hosed as often as necessary to keep clean. If stubborn dirt spots should occur, household detergent and a stiff brush is recommended.

Acrylic Resurfacing Products

can be applied on pool decks, patios, sidewalks, copings, cantilevers, driveways and other concrete surfaces in any condition. Acrylic resurfacing products are not a paint film, but actually a colored concrete product. Acrylic resurfacing products are used to help build-up unlevel or heaved concrete areas and can be feathered in to meet adjoining surfaces. It can restore, level and create a beautiful surface that is easy to maintain. Acrylic resurfacing products are cooler than concrete.

Availability of Colors: Acrylic resurfacing product comes in a variety of colors or can be custom tinted to the customer's color of choice.

Stock colors are:

Concrete and its limitations: Most concrete has cracks, either large or small, which may be caused by settling, shrinkage, stress, or lack of proper expansion joints. Although original cracks in the concrete are treated with the best expertise and innovation available, there is the possibility that a re-occurrence could be brought about by movement in the original concrete itself, although not as pronounced as the original. Cracks are repaired for a minimal additional cost.

A properly poured concrete deck should provide adequate drainage to prevent water from standing on the surface/deck; however, this is not always the case, resulting in concrete with depressions and insufficient pitch, which may hold water. Many of these problems can be improved with the application of the acrylic resurfacing product. However, the correction of many low areas is limited by the adjacent concrete, which may not have sufficient pitch to drain water away from the previous low area.


Cool/Kool Deck- This process must be applied on fresh concrete so that the two cure, or dry, together.


In contrast, Acrylic resurfacing products are designed to bond to old concrete, as well as new, providing a superior bond through chemical adhesion. Acrylic resurfacing products use a sealer in the final coat with a penetrating acrylic, which provides easy maintenance and color uniformity not found in Cool/Kool Deck.

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